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MIC-21 Vision
We aim to be a global leader in light alloys.
The early twenty-first century is an era of intense competition, but also of great creativity. 
Mizusawa Industry Corporation's "MIC-21 Vision" sets forth our three major goals: (1) Strengthen our business structure, (2) Establish core technologies, and (3) Develop our business globally. 

With a global perspective, flexible and creative approaches, unique core technologies, and excellent footwork, MIC seeks to establish a business structure where the customer is truly number one. 
That is the true road to becoming a global leader.
Swiftly and flexibly. Our light, flexible corporate structure allows us to put you first.
Strengthening our business structure Establishing core technologies Developing our business globally

Core Technologies and Business
Through improved product development, we are improving our core technologies and business.
Since our founding, MIC has pursued precision metal forming. 
Our products have earned a fine reputation in the fields of automobiles, industrial machinery, home appliances, office automation machinery, and information technologies. 
Our excellent facilities allow us to constantly increase the precision of our molds, make smooth transitions to the production process with database management, and respond rapidly to customer needs for mold maintenance and upkeep. 
We have developed massive stores of know-how related to mold production, and have established a flexible, speedy system to meet your needs. 
We pledge to continue our quest to make full use of our existing technologies, and to develop additional unique core technologies for the future.
Only the best. We strive constantly to make full use of our technologies.
Automotive Home Appliances Office Automation
Chassis parts
Power train parts
Interior and body parts
Electronic components for hybrid cars
TV chasses
Digital video and still cameras
Portable computers
Office Automation (OA) parts
Industrial Machinery
Agriculture, forestry, and construction tools
Medical supplies
Sports and leisure products
Magnesium Recycling
Core Technologies and Skills
Mg Casting Straight drawing, production know-how for thin-walled and complex forms, casting flow control technology, cold design automation technology
Mold Development and Design  
Other Mg pressing, know-how regarding the selection and replacement of materials, machining, Mg materials recycling, safety know-how


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